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[MMORPG = Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game] - thousands of players take part in an evolving virtual world.

They're the biggest share of the online games genre. Simple term for massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Also described as [MMOG] = Massive multiplayer online game. Both are part of their own genre. Genre specific is the choice of a character or individual unit that is customized and grown up by the player. The player slips into a role ([RPG] = Role-playing game) in a virtual world that supplies a continuous home for thousands of players with different characters at the same time. Player factions, guilds, usually many items or rewards for quests and skills form the shape of these macro-economies that are stored on huge server farms.


last updated 14 March, 2008 (Completely overhauled link collection to Warhammer Online AoR, New Exploit Site)

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